Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Harry Knowles and The Passion of the Christ

I commented the other day that I had no idea who Harry Knowles was. David Mackinder helpfully explains that "Harry Knowles is the wunderkind behind the Ain't it Cool film website (; he earned some notoriety a few years ago because of his ability to find out information about upcoming films and to affect their box office success; it seems he's now in process of turning from poacher to gamekeeper, as he's become a producer." That web site follows up the special screening of The Passion of the Christ that they were given with a couple of long-ish, very interesting reviews from a "Mr Beaks" and "PetSnakeReggie":

Mr Beaks & PetSnakeReggie share their critical views on THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST!

In spite of that rather unpromising title, this is well worth reading.

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