Monday, June 21, 2004

Feedburner RSS Feed

In Bible Software Review Weblog, Rubén Gómez noted that he now had an RSS feed available via Feedburner. It puzzled me a little at first since I've been reading Bible Software Review Weblog in the Bloglines aggregator for some time. I then noticed that Blogos commended Rubén for this addition, noting that he would remove him from his "Sites I Wish Supported RSS" list. So I looked on that list, and there was the NT Gateway Weblog on the list too! In my ignorance, I had not realised that the Atom feed provided by blogger, was not adequate for everyone's needs and for every aggregator. So I have followed Rubén's lead and have subscribed to the amazing Feedburner, which takes an Atom feed and transforms it into a Feed that everyone can enjoy -- and lots more too. So if you need an RSS feed for this blog, here's the URL:

And I've added a little icon on the left too so which also provides this URL for the site feed. Thanks to all concerned for (inadvertently) alerting me to this useful resource.

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