Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Zhubert's Updates

The latest has already been mentioned by several bibliobloggers (I'm a bit of a Johnny-come-lately these days, aren't I?), but Zach Hubert gets in touch to let me know of the significant updates to his remarkable site:


Here's the current feature list:
  • Complete GNT online - source text is from jtauber v. 5.05, based on Nestle Aland 26

  • Morphologically Parsed LXX - based on the CATSS project with UTF8 encoding, and fixes

  • Enhanced Browsing - You can now view as many parallel passages as you want

  • Parsing - available for every word, just hover over the word with your mouse

  • Word Detail Page - click on a word while reading and see detailed information about that word

  • Word Study - from the detail page, you can conduct a study on every use of the form or the root

  • Graphical Occurrence - from the word detail page, shows occurrences of both root and form by book, clickable

  • Basic Root Definitions - simple lexicon entries that you can make more accurate (moderated)

  • Grammar Reminder - a simple reminder as to the most basic grammar via your sidebar

  • User Features - your bookmark (don't lose your spot), your translation (keep your own translation of the GNT)

  • Interlinear - include KJV, NASB, or your own translation right next to the Greek

  • Parsing Trees - visually displays all occurrences of word forms, from detail page

  • Word Relations - first order is in on the detail page, with second order visible in tree format by clicking on the heading

  • Standardized Calling Interface - for those programmer types, you can just call bible?book=Matthew&chapter=2&verse=3 to get to your favorite verse (enhanced XML coming soon)
What a fantastic developing resource. Zack also asks:
Also, GNT Browser just won't work as a name, now that I have the whole greek bible. Any clever thoughts for a good name?
Good question. How about just Zhubert, or at least having Zhubert in the title? It's already becoming something of a brand.

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