Monday, April 11, 2005

Welcome to Tyler, RSS and Turton on KAIMOI

You will have seen this by now, but I'd like to add my own welcome to Tyler Williams who has a new blog for the study of Bible, Theology and more:

Codex: Blogspot

Tyler is Chair of the Religion & Theology Department and Assistant Professor of Old Testament/Hebrew Bible at Taylor University College in Edmonton, Alberta.

Just one thing to add: Tyler mentions an RSS feed but no RSS feed is showing up for me; Firefox isn't seeing it and Bloglines can't find it.

And on KAIMOI, don't miss Michael Turton's welcome, which has an uncanny photograph of Ken Olson getting assimilated.

Update (14.33): thanks to Ken Penner for letting me know that you can pick up Tyler William's blog's feed with this link:

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