Friday, August 12, 2005

E. P. Sanders's Library

On the Novum Testamentum blog, Brandon Wason has a link to Dove Books' 30 page listing of E. P. Sanders's library:

Library of E. P. Sanders

The page features a short bio and then dozens of books from Sanders's collection for sale.

Update (Monday, 13.03): Sean the Baptist comments and no, I don't think it's "nerdy" to take pleasure in the idea of owning a great scholar's books. Perhaps we should add it to Michael Bird's NT Buff Top Ten. Of course the thrill is greatly increased if you are buying books from a scholar who wrote in books. I know (from Stephen Carlson) that Morton Smith himself regularly annotated his books. But not everyone does. I'm the son of a book-collector and never write in books and I know that many feel the same way.

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