Tuesday, September 13, 2005

June 17 RBL

In comments, Tommy notes that I forgot to post the 17 June Review of Biblical Literature newsletter as it pertained to the NT, for which thanks and here it is to fill the gap:

Beale, G.K.
The Temple and the Church's Mission: A Biblical Theology of the Dwelling Place of God
Reviewed by Ron Fay

Brosend, William F. II
James and Jude
Reviewed by Tommy Wasserman

Denton, Donald L.
Historiography and Hermeneutics in Jesus Studies: An Examination of the Work of John Dominic Crossan and Ben F. Meyer
Reviewed by Michael Licona

Edgar, David Hutchinson
Has God Not Chosen the Poor?: The Social Setting of the Epistle of James
Reviewed by Matthias Konradt

Hartin, Patrick J.
A Spirituality of Perfection: Faith in Action in the Letter of James
Reviewed by Matthias Konradt

Jackson-McCabe, Matt A.
Logos and Law in the Letter of James: The Law of Nature, the Law of Moses and the Law of Freedom
Reviewed by Matthias Konradt

Linafelt, Tod, ed.
A Shadow of Glory: Reading the New Testament after the Holocaust
Reviewed by Jane Schaberg

Llewelyn, S. R., ed.
New Documents Illustrating Early Christianity: A Review of the Greek Inscriptions and Papyri Published 1986-87
Reviewed by Paul Elbert

Oldenhage, Tania
Parables for Our Time: Rereading New Testament Scholarship after the Holocaust
Reviewed by Luise Schottroff

Reichert, Angelika
Der Römerbrief als Gratwanderung: Eine Untersuchung zur Abfassungsproblematik
Reviewed by Heike Omerzu

Rhoads, David
Reading Mark, Engaging the Gospel
Reviewed by Ira Driggers

Klutz, Todd, ed.
Magic in the Biblical World: From the Rod of Aaron to the Ring of Solomon
Reviewed by René Bloch

Stuckenbruck, Loren T. and Wendy E. S. North, eds.
Early Jewish and Christian Monotheism
Reviewed by Nancy Calvert-Koyzis

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