Wednesday, November 16, 2005

SBL Didache Consultation Unit

Of course it could be (see previous post) that there are lots of papers out there on the web but which I and others don't know about. In Hypotyposeis, Stephen Carlson draws attention to a unit in which he is responding:

Didache Consultation Unit

And there are several papers there ready to read, including:

Didache 16: The Tradition Behind 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
Alan Garrow

And it is this paper to which the response is now ready on Hypotyposeis:

Response to Garrow
Stephen Carlson

But see too:

Comparing Matthew with the Didache: Some Methodological Reflections
Nicholas Perrin

I am looking forward to that one. There are several other papers too.

One question that arises in my mind is: where is the SBL page on the various sections, groups and seminars? I am sure that there was one before, but I can't find it now and have looked several times (SBL Annual Meeting). Where should I be looking?

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