Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Review of Biblical Literature Latest

Latest from the SBL Review of Biblical Literature under the NT heading:

Evans, Craig A.
Ancient Texts for New Testament Study: A Guide to the Background Literature
Reviewed by Jerome Neyrey

Karris, Robert J.
Galatians and Romans
Reviewed by Mark Reasoner

Lincoln, Andrew T.
The Gospel According to Saint John
Reviewed by Craig Keener

Patella, Michael F.
The Gospel According to Luke
Reviewed by Joel Green

Riches, John and David C. Sim, eds.
The Gospel of Matthew in Its Roman Imperial Context
Reviewed by Markus Oehler

Stepp, Perry L.
Leadership Succession in the World of the Pauline Circle
Reviewed by Ronald Clark

van Veldhuizen, Piet
Geef mij te drinken: Johannes 4, 4-42 als waterputverhaal
Reviewed by R. Roukema

Zetterholm, Magnus
The Formation of Christianity in Antioch: A Social-Scientific Approach to the Separation Between Judaism and Christianity
Reviewed by Eric Stewart

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