Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Biblical Studies Carnival 51 and more

I'm back from a short trip to the UK and a temporary hiatus in blogging.  You can catch up on the latest around the blogs with the Biblical Studies Carnival 51, by Brooke Lester, at the Anumma Blog.

Meanwhile, Free Old Testament Audio Website Blog has its latest Biblioblog rankings.  NT Blog, not surprisingly, has tumbled down the rankings with the relative paucity of postings in February, but it's good to see the NT Pod hot on its heels at number 29, and the NT Gateway just behind that at 30.

Next month's Biblical Studies Carnival sees the return of Jim West to the fold.  Whatever he says about ruffling feathers, the fact is that his previous carnivals have been among the best and most thorough of any.  It's a shame that they are no longer available after the recent major blog deletion.  Perhaps we should retrieve them?

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Jim said...

hi mark

thanks for the kind words. i reply

1- blog posts and carnival are 'temporary' bits and pieces. permanent stuff is printed published stuff. i see blog stuff as the sort of thing you'd find in a magazine that has a shelf life of about a month. and if such things disappear, it's ok.

2- i'm not really returning to the fold. i'm more of a tour guide gathering a group to view a strange and bizarre place as an outsider.


oh it will be glorious!