Saturday, October 04, 2003

N. T. Wright Page

Kevin Bush has created a huge N. T. Wright page here:

N. T. Wright page

Links to lots of Wright stuff from all over the web. A few lectures and articles that I don't yet link to on the NT Gateway:

Paul's Gospel and Caesar's Empire, Center for Theological Enquiry (2002-3)

Communion and Koinonia: Pauline Reflections on Tolerance and Boundaries, paper from the Future of Anglicanism Conference, Oxford 2002 (reproduced on the Latimer Fellowship web site).

Farewell to the Rapture, Bible Review 17/4 (2001): 8, 52.

The Resurrection of the Resurrection Bible Review 16/4 (2000): 10, 63.

The Shape of Justification (Response to Paul Barnett's "Tom Wright and the New Perspective), on Mark M. Mattison's The Paul Page

Jesus and the Quest, The Anglican Institute (no date)

God and Caesar, Then and Now, Lecture - Jubilee Reflections at Westminster Abbey, a series of lectures on God, Church, Crown and State; first Lecture: Monday 22 April (no year given), Westminster Abbey web site

Coming Home to St Paul? Reading Romans a Hundred Years after Charles Gore, Charles Gore Lectures 2000 (14 November 2000), Westminster Abbey Web site

Go to the N. T. Wright page for lots of links, including to Sermons and the like.

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