Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Favourite Jesus Film

It's the beginning of a new academic year at Duke and this semester I am teaching my undergraduate course on Jesus in Film for a second time. I am hoping to blog about the course as I did last time.

For a first post on the topic, I have pulled up the results of a poll I took after teaching the course in Spring 2015. I simply asked the students in the class, after they had watched over twenty Jesus films, "Which is your favourite?" Here's how the vote came out:

1. Jesus of Nazareth (8 votes)
2. Passion of the Christ (6 votes)
3. Jesus Christ Superstar (5 votes)
4. Last Temptation of Christ (4 votes)

5= The Nativity (BBC) (3 votes)
5= The Miracle Maker (3 votes)
5= Jesus (CBS, 2000) (3 votes)
5= Jesus of Montreal (3 votes)

9= The Bible / Son of God (2 votes)
9= The Passion (BBC / HBO) (2 votes)

11= Life of Brian (1 vote)
11= Gospel of John (Visual Bible) (1 vote)
11= The Nativity Story (2006) (1 vote)
11= Son of Man (2006) (1 vote)
11= King of Kings (1961) (1 vote)

The following received no votes at all:

Greatest Story Ever Told
The Gospel According to St Matthew
Killing Jesus