Saturday, June 12, 2004

Terry Larm on Hebrews

Thanks to Martin Webber for this one: adjusted URL for the following:

Terry A. Larm, “Hebrews 10:1-18: Jesus Christ, the Final Sacrifice”, Theological Gathering 2 (Winter 1997)

Adjustment made on Epistle to the Hebrews page.

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Anonymous said...

shalom Terry, I used to be with your brother Mark. You came to visit us one time. Let me enlighten you with some wisdom of the old age. We are not save by our good deeds or whatever we strive to perfect ourselves as to separate us from the human race. The Human Race with its' own sin and ignorance is partly connected to each and every soul here on Earth. We all are part of each o ther no matter what we think. Without each of us whether Red, Yellow, Black or White, beneath the exterior, we are merely atoms. Atoms that feeds on each other for survival. Love, invisible as our God, Allah, Jesus, Muhhammed, Dios, we are all interconnected. Without us mere humans, there will be no world. There is only one race and it is called the HUMANRACE.