Monday, October 04, 2004

Christian Origins goes blog

It's good news to see Peter Kirby's Christian Origins getting blogified:

Christian Origins

Kirby has for some time been the author of great internet sites connected with Christian Origins -- he's a massive contribution. It's a great idea to transform the Christian Origins site into a blog, or at least to blog-enable or blog-power it. It's already on my Bloglines list and I am looking forward to reading it.


Anonymous said...

Although the blog feed seems to be wrong? Anyone got the right RSS feed link for the site?


Anonymous said...

Is what you're looking for? I can't see a link to this URL from the Christian Origins site itself, though it is referred to in the source.

Edward Lacey

Mark Goodacre said... is linked from the top right of the blog under "blog feed".

Peter Kirby said...

Concerning the feed:

At first I had both the text "Blog Feed" and the "Sub Bloglines" graphic pointing to

Now I still have the graphic pointing there, but the text "Blog Feed" links to

And thank you, Mark, for announcing my site!

Peter Kirby