Thursday, October 21, 2004

Fun with the SBL Programme

I having one of my late nights doing some writing tonight, nowadays the only way I can get any writing done given supremely crowded, overworked days. Since I am working on my paper for the SBL this year, it is a particular pleasure to have my work broken up by Paul Nikkel's message on Deinde:

Testifyin' at the SBL

You'd never have guessed you could have had so much fun with the programme book; I particularly enjoyed the "Award for Transgressive Punctuation".

On the issue of titles, I have a principle that I occasionally share with post graduate students and it is to include as much of your thesis as you can into the title of the paper. It's best not to take for granted that others will read / hear / pay attention to your abstract, let alone your paper, so the title may be the only chance one gets to give many a clue to your views.

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