Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Wright latest

I referred recently to Wright on the Lambeth Commission. He also has a piece in The Tablet

The Windsor Report is a Step Towards Maturity

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The N. T. Wright page also gathers together some material on this, from Fulcrum, Thoughts on Concerns and Questions about the Windsor Report and last Saturday's Guardian in "Face to Faith":

Blindly embracing diversity will damage unity
Here the Windsor report restates a classic Anglican (and Pauline) doctrine: adiaphora ("things indifferent"). Some differences, particularly those involving ethnic diversity, must not be allowed to fracture communion. But one must distinguish the differences which must not make a difference and those which are bound to do so. Not all cultural charac teristics are to be embraced. The Scythians were famous for being hot-tempered; the Corinthians, for sexual laxity. Both lifestyles are ruled out, declares Paul, for those "in Christ". To insist on them is to divide the church.

The question then is: Which things come into which category? Which differences make a difference?
And the N. T. Wright page publishes this piece itself, from just over ten years ago, a bit of autobiography:

My Pilgrimage in Theology

(Originally Published in Themelios, January, 1993, 18.2, 35).

He speaks about his evangelical heritage, the growth of his ideas and depression.

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