Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Greek Day 2005

I am happy to be able to announce the details of the fourth Greek Study Day to be hosted at the University of Birmingham on 2 March 2005. Thanks to Dr Steve Walton of the London School of Theology for sending these over. Click on the links below for more information and a booking form:
Greek Study Day: Wednesday 2 March 2005, University of Birmingham [RTF] [PDF]

See the above links for details of this year's study day for those who teach Greek in universities and theological colleges - it promises to be an excellent practical day focused on helping students with participles, translation strategy, hearing from an introductory textbook author thinking aloud about how he planned his course, and considering how to introduce textual criticism to Greek students. Details and booking form are above. Please pass this on to others who may be interested in your university or college - it is open to all.

Steve Walton, Jane McLarty & Geoffrey Williams
Note also the web page for the Greek Study Days that I host here on the NT Gateway:

Greek Study Days

This provides details of the current and previous Greek Study Days.

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Whit said...

Mark - We used a textbook by our New Testament Prof., L. William Countryman at seminary for students who could only study Greek for a semester. At the time the book was titled - The New Testament is in Greek. It is now titled - Read it in Greek and the Amazon link is

Some might find it useful. You basically start reading from the first day and over a semester read all or almost all of 1 John. You also learn to use a lexicon so it is a good intro into exegesis for those who may not ever master Greek.