Wednesday, January 05, 2005

New blogs on the block

Biblio- or nearly and not quite biblio-blogs are proliferating. New on the scene is:


This is described as "Reflections on being a complex Christian: how to be traditional in a non-traditional world without being dead" and is by Doug Chaplin, who (among many other things, not least being a parish priest in Worcestershire) is a part-time PhD student here in Birmingham. Welcome to the blogosphere, Doug.

Next up is another blog with a Birmingham connection, by Zeth Green:


Thanks to Jim Davila on Paleojudaica for spotting this. It describes itself as "an aggregator for Biblical Studies" and picks up feeds from a variety of biblioblogs (including this one) in the manner of the AWMC Web Watch (although the latter seems to have been stalled on 10 December 2004; is it now out of commission?). With the Biblioblog, the entire content of the selected posts is generated, along with an icon linking you to that blog's main page and a link to the post in question. Could be useful, especially for those not using bloglines or Firefox's live bookmarks.

And alerted by Ed Cook on Ralph the Sacred River is Seth Sanders's new blog:

Serving the Word

Alerted by Jim West on Biblical Theology is Richard Anderson's blog focusing on Luke, and in particular Richard Anderson's own theories about Luke (can't say I'm keen on the transliterated Greek here, avoiding the overstroke on the "o" for omega):

dokeo kago grapho soi kratistos Theophilos

Welcome to all. All of these are added to my blogroll as also is the South East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Blog.

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