Thursday, January 27, 2005

Wright and Gaffin Conference Report

Tim Gallant has put together a series of detailed reports on a conference he attended in the USA which featured N. T. Wright and a certain Richard Gaffin:

2005 Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church Pastors' Conference
Monroe, Louisiana; January 3-5, 2005

He has pulled this together from his rabbisaul weblog.


Whit said...

This is very well done. I would have had to buy the tapes or CDs of the lecture to present such a complete report. Thanks for this! Great job Tim - but where is the picture of me?

Paul said...

Tim's blog entries are an excellenct piece for those interested in the 2005 Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church Pastors' Conference but especially for those looking at things from a conservative Presbyterian/Reformed perspective who will likely be familiar with Richard Gaffin of Westminster Theological Seminary author of Resurrection and Redemption: A Study in Paul's Soteriology.