Monday, May 09, 2005

Electric Forest notes this new team blog:

Electric Forest

One of the bloggers is Bible techno-whizz Patrick Durusau, whom many will know through the SBL CARG and elsewhere. Nothing much related to Biblical Studies there yet, but eyes peeled. I've added it to my blogroll.

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Murray Altheim said...


Thanks very much for noting the Electric Forest blog. I know Patrick Durusau from our work together on the XML Topic Map 1.0 specification back in 2000, and am very happy to have him on board — he's a true gentleman, one of those people who adds a bit of silver lining to anything he's involved with.

You might be interested to know that my Ph.D. project Ceryle came about in large part due to a failed attempt at organizing the research for an historical novel, specifically that of my library of roughly 200 books, which cover subjects like the intertestamental period, DSS, Jewish and Christian gnosticism, heretical texts (apocryphal and pseudepigraphical, as in R.H. Charles) Palestinian social and political history of the first century, etc. I simply couldn't keep track of the myriad of sources, people and events, etc. When I first became involved with the XML Topic Maps activity I immediately saw it as a potential technology that might solve my organizational problems, such that when offered the chance to investigate this through a Ph.D. program I jumped.

After Rick Brannan contacted me earlier this week via the link from your blog (I'm assuming) and started up an interesting conversation with Roger Sperberg, I browsed his employer Logos' website, and am now trying to figure out how I can save up enough cash for a copy of their Scholars Silver Edition. While expensive, it seems to offer quite a potential for rounding out my research library.

So while on Electric Forest we might not have yet explicitly discussed Biblical Studies, you can be assured that the kinds of things we are concerned with are similar to those of researchers trying to organize their work — no matter what discipline — and also that I have a strong personal interest in the subject. We'll be covering that and related topics like eBooks and digital library technologies. Who knows where this will all lead?