Monday, May 09, 2005

Neotestamentica Latest

Thanks to Holger Szesnat for this note on the latest Neotestamentica

Neotestamentica 39 (2004), Issue 1

The latest issue is now available. The items Craffert and Botha; Decock; and Book Reviews are available full-text; other items are abstracts only:

Craffert, P F & P J J Botha 2005. Why Jesus Could Walk on the Sea but He Could Not Read and Write: Reflections on Historicity and Interpretation in Historical Jesus Research. Neotestamentica 39(1), 5-38. [abstract] [article (PDF)]

Bruce, P 2005. John 5:1-18 the Healing at the Pool: Some Narrative, Socio-Historical and Ethical Issues. Neotestamentica 39(1), 39-56.

Decock, P 2005. On the Value of Pre-Modern Interpretation of Scripture for Contemporary Biblical Studies. Neotestamentica 39(1), 57-74. [abstract] [article (PDF)]

De Villiers, P G R 2005. Turbulent Times and Golden Years: The First Twenty Five Years of the New Testament Society of South Africa (1965-1990) (Part 1). Neotestamentica 39(1), 75-110.

Fast, L 2005. Rejection and Reinstatement (Mark 12:1-11): The Rhetoric of Represented Speech in Mark. Neotestamentica 39(1), 111-126.

Loubser, J A 2005. Invoking the Ancestors: Some Socio-Rhetorical Aspects of the Genealogies in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. Neotestamentica 39(1), 127-140.

Meyer, W H 2005. Histories of Reading and Readings of "History": A Study of a Group of South African Students Reading Mark 4:35-41. Neotestamentica 39(1), 141-162.

Wilson, M 2005. The Early Christians in Ephesus and the Date of Revelation, Again. Neotestamentica 39(1), 163-193.

Book Reviews (all on-line, PDF)

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