Thursday, May 12, 2005

Two millionth visitor today

At some stage today, the NT Gateway counter should turn over the 2 million visits mark. It is currently at 1,998,996 visits and 5,430,911 page views. With just over a thousand more visits today, which would be normal from this point (lunchtime as I write), we should see the 2,000,000. I can't remember quite how far that web counter goes back, but I think it is to the point when I moved over from Birmingham as host to I might check that out later.

Update (14.58): Jim West makes some too flattering comments on Biblical Theology, adding that "Mark's only shortcoming is his resolute disregard of Q". Actually, as I've commented in the past, I am very fond of Q. There is something spoilsport about having tried to put together a case against it, but in the end it's the evidence that counts :).

Update (16.33): 1,999,391. Thanks to Danny Zacharias and Michael Pahl for comments. I should add that the 2 million figure is for the entire NT Gateway, not just the blog (but doesn't include associated sites, like Case Against Q, All-in-One, BNTC etc., so we are talking NT Gateway proper, i.e. anything with the NT Gateway logo). I've checked when the counter started and it seems it was indeed when the site moved to, on 15 April 2000 (an old logbook). So the 2 million visits is over five years; the counter first appears in May 2000 Featured Links.

Update (20.55): 1,999,846. The two millionth visitor should be checking in around 22.00 BST.

Update (22.02): 1,999,963.

Update (22.20): 2,000,000 visits has been reached. The two millionth visitor came from the domain, had done a google search on Gospel of John New Testament to get here and came to the John's Gospel page and left straight away. Let's hope s/he found what s/he was looking for.

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