Thursday, May 26, 2005

Worth Mentioning

I have so many blog clippings at the moment that I'd like to comment on. Since I'm about to take a week's break from blogging, that is not going to happen, so instead here is a round-up of a few recent things I thought at least worth mentioning.

I was pleased that on Sansblogue Tim Bulkeley drew our attention to something I'd otherwise have missed, Andrew Jones on

If the Bible was blogged

I have also been meaning to draw attention to the latest on the Gospel of Judas on Hypotyposeis:

Detering on the Gospel of Judas

The same Detering has radical views on the dating of the Gospels, and Michael Turton discusses his dating of Mark on The Sword:

Was Detering Right about the Date of Mark?

Meanwhile on Gypsy Scholar, Jeffery Hodges notes that I'll be pleased that he's blogged on something NT related:

A Gnostic Turn for the Worse

And there are a couple of things that need adding to the NT Gateway but have not been yet. First, on Biblical Theology, Jim West mentions this site:

Computer Assisted Language Learning: Koine Greek

Second, on Biblaridion Bryan Cox notes the need of indexing the image of P26, something I'll definitely be doing:

Manuscript P26 . . . Found!

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