Thursday, August 18, 2005

Biblical Theology Bulletin, Spring 2005:

Articles from the Spring 2005 edition of Biblical Theology Bulletin are now on-line at FindArticles:

Biblical Theology Bulletin, Spring 2005

Of particular interest:

Sean P. Kealy, Change and the Gospels
A review of currents of change that have characterized traditional and recent interpretative models of critical gospel interpretation. The author characterizes changes that occurred up to and since the 1970s, noting how recent developments have integrated critical methods of the 19th and 20th centuries into a performance mode as in music and drama.

Douglas E. Oakman, Culture, society, and embedded religion in antiquity
After the concepts of "society," "culture," and the "embeddedness of religion" have been reviewed from the standpoint of the social sciences, religion's place in antiquity is considered in relationship to the Judean temple, ecclesia and synagogue, and the controverted terms "Jew" and "Christian." The meaning of religion, and the role it plays in human affairs, is argued to be fundamentally dependent upon its location in society or culture.

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