Thursday, August 11, 2005

Does your wife read your blog?

(Or your husband, spouse, partner, best friend).

On the Novum Testamentum blog, Brandon Wason mentions that his wife Wendy never reads his blog. It effectively draws attention to one of the strange dynamics of the blogging phenomenon, especially with professional blogs. Here I am in Birmingham reading blogs like Brandon's without having met him, while his nearest and dearest don't take a look at it. They are rather like the diary room in Big Brother, experienced by a big audience outside the circle of your immediate friends and family with whom you spend more of your time.

Another thought: when you know the blogger personally, it sometimes changes your perception of his/her blog. You hear some comments slightly differently.

Update (21.11): Jim West asks if my wife Viola reads my blog; the answer is no, I don't think she's ever looked at it. She has quite enough to put up with me yacking on about whatever I'm yacking on about at the time.

Now I must get back to some serious blogging. Is summer also "silly season" for the bloggers?


Dr. Joseph Ray Cathey said...


I don't think my wife (Nancy) has ever read a bit of my blog. She really wants to spend most of our time together with our daughter. I have chided her for not at least popping over and having a go at my blog. Her reply was "That is what you got your Ph.D. for - so you can speak your language with others like yourself!" She meant it in a good way I am sure.


David said...

I don't think my wife knows what a blog is ... it's just in the past year that I've convinced her that email is a good thing ...

Jim said...

I'm still wating for Mark to tell us if his wife reads his. ;-)