Tuesday, August 30, 2005

New homepage

My move away from Birmingham necessitates a move of my homepage, which has been located at http://theology.bham.ac.uk/goodacre in Birmingham for several years. I have moved all the content over to a new template I've adjusted from the NT Gateway templates, so you'll recognise the look. Please let me have any criticisms or suggestions (and no, I can't do anything about my grinning face, I am afraid):

Mark Goodacre's Homepage

While I have moved the content over, I have also done a bit of an update to the information contained. And its URL is, following the standard means of organising things here, http://NTGateway.com/goodacre.

1 comment:

Michael Pahl said...

So it's really happening... Once one's webpage is moved, then you know there's no turning back! :-)