Thursday, August 04, 2005

Sean the Baptist / Σεαν ὁ βαπιστὴς

It was great to see on the Stuff of Earth a link to a new blog by my friend Sean Winter:

Sean the Baptist / Σεαν ὁ βαπιστὴς
The personal blog of Revd Dr Sean Winter, covering things of interest to me in the broad areas of Baptist life and theology in the UK and elsewhere, New Testament studies and hermeneutics

I've added it to my ever-expanding blogroll (left). Featuring comments on the now Bishop of Durham like "Yes, Tom does drink Earl Grey Tea", it's clear that this is going to be well worth reading.

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Sean Winter said...

Thanks for the welcome Mark. As for many of us, the inspiration for what a blog can do has come largely from interaction with your own site. My insider information on Tom is probably limited to his tea-drinking preferences, but at least it is a start!