Friday, August 05, 2005

Which desk?

Occasionally the most absurd and yet surprisingly interesting threads break out on the blogs, and one is underway at the moment on bloggers' desks. So far we have Tyler Williams, Jim West, Tim Bulkeley and David Meadows; no doubt there are more I've forgotten. I am very tempted to join in, but regular readers will know of my rule to avoid being self-indulgent, so I will resist. But there's an assumption here that I don't share. Only one desk? Don't y'all have at least a couple, and those in addition to the makeshift desks where you take your blogging machines (kitchen table, settee, airport lounge, etc.)?


Jim said...

Nope- just one desk.

EMC said...


Tim said...

Er, I don't count temporary blogging spaces, like Singapore aiurport transit area, or the more regular bed-in-the-morning with the first-coffee-of-the-day as "desks", so no just one. Though as Stephen suggested the floor often serves to accomodate the overspill!