Friday, December 09, 2005

Bart Ehrman on the Diane Rehm Show

Since moving to the US, NPR (National Public Radio) has become part of my staple diet. It's no Radio 4 (what could be?), but it has some good programmes, one of which is the Diane Rehm Show. This programme was new to me when I arrived here, but it turns out that it's a real institution and has been going for years. It allows plenty of time for interviews and call-ins with guests of all stripes, politicians, biographers, academics and so on. Yesterday's guest (with thanks to Gail Dawson on Xtalk for the "heads up") was Bart Ehrman and you can listen to the archive on-line here:

Diane Rehm Show: Bart Ehrman, Misquoting Jesus

It's well worth a listen, with questions about the Birth Narratives, the crucifixion stories, women, homosexuality, and some of Erhman's own autobiography, from evangelical to "happy agnostic". There's a mention too of David Parker (not by name but "friend in Birmingham) concerning the Living Text of the Gospels.


Michael F. Bird said...

Thanks for posting this Mark. The interview was very interesting. Especially the tidbits of autobiography by Ehrman. I also liked his criticism of Barbara Thiering, I think he tried to say every so politely that she's bit of crank.

Jeff Downs said...

James white has a few comments on Ehrman and will begin dealing with his interview next week on his internet broadcast The Dividing Line.