Monday, December 12, 2005

N. T. Wright and the Easter Oratorio

The N. T. Wright page carries details of a recording of an Easter Oratorio by Paul Spicer, the libretto for which is written by N. T. Wright, based on John 20-21:

Recording the Easter Oratorio, Paul Spicer (PDF)

Easter Oratorio Libretto, N. T. Wright (PDF)

N. T. Wright, "Resurrection: From Theology to Music and Back Again"

The latter is an article by Wright which explains how the oratorio came about, as part of the Lichfield Festival in July 2000 (the Lichfield Festival is a wonderful annual musical event and in my teenage and early twenties I often used to go, since I lived just thirty minutes drive from Lichfield). What's new is that the work has now been recorded and released on CD, just in time for the Christmas market. Given my own links with the Midlands, it's a pleasure to see that the recording has been made by the Birmingham Bach Choir.

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