Friday, May 19, 2006

Andrew Lincoln on John

Thanks to Ken Olson for alerting me to this one. As regular readers will know, I am a fan of publishers providing sample chapters of their authors' books on-line, and Hendrickson have often led the way on this, including here:

The Gospel According to St John
Andrew Lincoln

Black's New Testament Commentary, Volume 4
Price: $29.95
Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Binding: cloth
Pages: 592
Pub Date: 2005
Volumes in Series: 19
ISBN: 1565634012
“In the solid tradition of what we have come to expect from a Black commentary, Lincoln has distilled and made thoroughly accessible a wealth of contemporary scholarship.

Lincoln’s introduction is a series of crystal clear essays giving balanced approaches to key Johannine issues. For example, he gives a lucid analysis of the place of Jesus in the narrative of this ancient biography; he brings common sense and clarity to the issue of authorship and the identify of the Beloved disciple; there is a penetrating analysis of the Christology of the Fourth Gospel that touches on much that is theologically significant in the gospel. Also, Lincoln deals forthrightly and sensitively with the Gospel’s frequent apparent hostility to the Jews. Readers along the whole theological spectrum will benefit from the masterly and realistic discussion of historicity and truth.

Relying on his own translation which is refreshing, often to the point of startling, the commentary focuses on the theological dimension of the final author’s message to the particular first-century CE readers. However, never far from view are the historical and social factors that are important in any adequate explanation of this text. Also, the commentary bears the fruit of having been written over a time in which Lincoln came to be persuaded that John knew the synoptics.

There may be many commentaries on the Fourth Gospel on the shelves of scholars but this one will quickly earn a place open on the desk of both scholars and preachers.”
—Graham H. Twelftree, Regent University
The PDFs are Table of Contents, Introduction and Sample Chapter.

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