Monday, May 01, 2006

A link a day

Today's new link is with thanks to Holger Szesnat and is also on the Paul: Books and Articles page:

UP: Gerhard Swart, “Why without Excuse? An Inquiry into the Syntactic and Semantic Relations of Romans 1:18–21", Neotestamentica 39.2 (2005): 389-407

It's on the updated Neotestamentica website. See too the following, also added:

UP: Charles A. Wanamaker, “Metaphor and Morality: Examples of Paul’s Moral Thinking in 1 Corinthians 1-5", Neotestamentica 39.2 (2005): 409-33

CORRECTED: Holger Szesnat, “What Did the SKHNOPOIOS Paul Produce?", Neotestamentica 27 (1993): 391-402

While we are on the Paul: Books and Articles page, let's add another recent article of interest from Biblica:

UP: Christian Stettler, “The 'Command of the Lord' in 1 Cor 14,37 – a Saying of Jesus?", Biblica 87(2006): 42-51

That's one that, I suppose, could also have gone on the Historical Jesus pages.

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