Friday, May 05, 2006

A link a day

After taking a second unwelcome break, a link a day is back again today with the following, added to the Women and Gender: Articles page:

UP: Brian Capper, “Public Body, Private Women. The Ideology of Gender and Space and the Exclusion of Women from Public Leadership in the Late First-Century Church” in Robert Hannaford and J'annine Jobling (eds.), Theology and the Body (Leominster, Gracewing, 1999): 123-151

CORRECTED URLs: articles by J. D. H. Amador, Deirdre Good and Holger Szesnat.


lingamish said...

Mark, I am enjoying the "link a day" It would help me if they each had a distinct subject heading as they are coming up in my RSS reader with identical headings.

Keep up the good work but only if you are enjoying yourself. No need to kill yourself for all us your lazy readers.

crystal said...

And do any of the links also have html addresses, besides PDF docs ... hate those.

Mark Goodacre said...

Crystal: I suppose the only way round it is to google for it and then hit their cached HTML version, but otherwise one is stuck with PDFs and Word documents. PDF has become so popular because it's so easy to convert for the author, but it's so much less nice for the user than a well done HTML file.

Lingamish: thanks and good point; I'll add sub-headings in future.