Monday, June 12, 2006

SBL Annual Meeting 2006: Synoptics Section

Here are the details of the four sessions of the Synoptic Gospels Section at this year's SBL Annual Meeting. I won't put any of the times of the sessions on here until they are confirmed on the SBL website. I am pleased with this year's programme, I think the strongest we have ever had (if I may be so bold). It is certainly the most we've ever had, at four sessions, two themed and two open. And we had to turn away a lot of very good proposals this year, which we regretted very much.

Session 1: Open Session:

Mark Matson, Milligan College, Presiding

Stephen C. Carlson, Fairfax, VA
Luke’s Panel Technique for his “Orderly” Narration (25 min)
Discussion (5 min)

Turid Karlsen Seim, University of Oslo
The Resurrected Body in Luke-Acts (25 min)
Discussion (5 min)

Gary Gilbert, Claremont McKenna College
Luke-Acts and the Second Sophistic: Roman Imperium and Subordinate Responses (25 min)
Discussion (5 min)

Douglas Sivers, Drew University, Stewart Moore, Drew University and Joshua J.F. Wall,
Losing the Things We Do Not Have: Interpreting the Parable(s) of the Talents and Pounds (25 min)
Discussion (5 min)

Bradley W. Root, University of California, San Diego
Parable and Reality in Jesus' Galilee (25 min)
Discussion (5 min)

Session 2: The Birth Narratives

Loveday Alexander, University of Sheffield, Presiding

Jane D. Schaberg, University of Detroit Mercy
The Illegitimacy of Jesus after Twenty Years (20 min)

Gail Streete, Rhodes College, Respondent (20 min)
Amy-Jill Levine, Vanderbilt University, Respondent (20 min)

David Landry, University of Saint Thomas
Hostile Takeover: An Intertextual Reading of Luke 1-2 (20 min)

Robert Miller, Juniata College, Respondent (20 min)
John Darr, Boston College, Respondent (20 min)

Discussion (30 min)

Session 3: Panel discussion of Simon Gathercole, The Pre-existent Son: Recovering the Christologies of Matthew, Mark and Luke (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2006)

Mark Goodacre, Duke University, Presiding

James Dunn, Durham University, Panelist (15 min)
Rikki Watts, Regent College, Panelist (15 min)
Deirdre Good, General Theological Seminary, Panelist (15 min)
Maurice Casey, University of Nottingham, Panelist (15 min)
Simon Gathercole, University of Aberdeen, Panelist (25 min)

Break (15 min)

Discussion (50 min)

Session 4: Open session

Greg Carey, Lancaster Theological Seminary, Presiding

Michael F. Bird, Highland Theological College
Sectarian Gospels for Sectarian Communities? The Non-canonical Gospels and Bauckham's "Gospel for All Christians" (25 min)
Discussion (5 min)

Jeffrey B. Gibson, Harry S Truman College
The "Bread Petition in the Lord's Prayer: A Lack of Alas? (25 min)
Discussion (5 min)

Jason Robert Combs, Yale University
"They Thought it was a Ghost:" Understanding an Absurdity in Mark 6:49-50 (25 min)
Discussion (5 min)

Clinton Wahlen, AIIAS Theological Seminary
The Impurity of Spirits in the Synoptic Gospels (25 min)
Discussion (5 min)

Aaron M. Gale, West Virginia University
"A 'Golden' Gospel of Matthew?: Money, Economic Status, and Taxation in the Synoptics" (25 min)
Discussion (5 min)


Damian said...

2006 or 2007? This year or last year?

Mark Goodacre said...

2006, as per header.