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Lazarus, Mary and Martha

This press release is from Fortress:

Why the Lazarus Story Meant So Much to Early Christians

MINNEAPOLIS (August 10, 2006)—The story of Lazarus in John 11–12 typically has been understood by scholars as a prototype of the resurrection of Christ. In the newly-released Lazarus, Mary and Martha: Social –Scientific Approaches to the Gospel of John, Philip F. Esler and Ronald Piper examine the raising of Lazarus, the relationship between him and his two sisters Mary and Martha, and the theological implications of a social-scientific critique of this relationship and the Lazarus story in general.

Using social identity theory, Esler and Piper set out what social identity theory actually means, how it works, and how it applies to John’s Gospel. They then show how their ecclesiological reading of the Lazarus story finds confirmation in the catacomb art from Rome. The book concludes by setting out some of the theological dimensions of the investigation, and ultimately provides fresh theological insight into this New Testament text.


* Uses social-scientific insights into group identity to provide a new interpretation of Lazarus

* Includes four pages of full-color illustrations from the catacombs

Philip F. Esler is one of the foremost New Testament scholars in the world. Vice-Principal at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, he is author of many works, including Fortress Press volumes Conflict and Identity in Romans (2003) and New Testament Theology (2005).

Ronald Piper currently holds two positions: Professor of Christian Origins in the Divinity School, and University Vice-Principal for Learning & Teaching at St. Andrews. Among his works is Wisdom in the Q Tradition (Cambridge University Press, 1989).

Lazarus, Mary and Martha
By Philip F. Esler and Ronald Piper
Format: 5.5” x 8.5”, paperback, 208 pp
ISBN: 0-8006-3830-1
Price: $22.00
Publisher: Fortress Press
Rights: North American English

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