Saturday, August 19, 2006

Review of Biblical Literature latest

The latest from the SBL Review of Biblical Literature under the NT heading is surely the richest offering ever, both in terms of books reviewed and reviewers:

Dale C. Allison
Resurrecting Jesus: The Earliest Christian Tradition and Its Interpreters
Reviewed by Michael R. Licona
Reviewed by J. Samuel Subramanian

Thomas L. Brodie
The Birthing of the New Testament: The Intertextual Development of the New Testament Writings
Reviewed by Margaret Daly-Denton

Ronald L. Farmer
Reviewed by Jan A. du Rand

Christopher A. Frilingos
Spectacles of Empire: Monsters, Martyrs, and the Book of Revelation
Reviewed by Robert M. Royalty Jr.

Aaron M. Gale
Redefining Ancient Borders: The Jewish Scribal Framework of Matthew's Gospel
Reviewed by David C. Sim

Brian J. Incigneri
The Gospel to the Romans: The Setting and Rhetoric of Mark's Gospel
Reviewed by Zeba A. Crook

Loren Johns
The Lamb Christology of the Apocalypse of John: An Investigation into its Origins and Rhetorical Force
Reviewed by Robert M. Royalty Jr.

Xavier Leon-Dufour
To Act According to the Gospel
Reviewed by Richard A. Burridge

Scot McKnight
Jesus and His Death: Historiography, the Historical Jesus, and Atonement Theory
Reviewed by Craig A. Evans

Lidija Novakovic
Messiah, the Healer of the Sick: A Study of Jesus as the Son of David in the Gospel of Matthew
Reviewed by J. R. C. Cousland

Hendrika N. Roskam
The Purpose of the Gospel of Mark in Its Historical and Social Context
Reviewed by Zeba A. Crook

Gerard S. Sloyan
Jesus on Trial: A Study of the Gospel
Reviewed by Joel B. Green

Herman C. Waetjen
The Gospel of the Beloved Disciple: A Work in Two Editions
Reviewed by John Painter

Jan G. van der Watt, ed.,
Salvation in the New Testament: Perspectives on Soteriology
Reviewed by Frank J. Matera

K. K. (Khok-Khng) Yeo, Charles H. Cosgrove, and Herold Weiss
Cross-Cultural Paul: Journeys to Others, Journeys to Ourselves
Reviewed by Veronica Koperski
Reviewed by Sigurd Grindheim

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