Monday, September 08, 2008

More British New Testament Conference Reports

It is good to see some more reports coming in on this year's British New Testament Conference in Durham (see previous post):

Dunelm Road (Ben Blackwell)
Early Christian History (James Crossley)
Euangelion (Michael Bird)
Nijay K. Gupta
Sean the Baptist (Sean Winter)

These are all excellent and enjoyable reports, and I love the pictures on Paleojudaica while wondering whether that gathering is now beginning to burst at the seems?! One thing is missing in the above reports and comments, though. No one mentions the poor secretary who makes all this happen. If the job is as time consuming now as it was when I did it, Louise Lawrence definitely deserves a word of thanks.


Jim said...

hey mark- did ya know that you linked Crossley's site to your earlier posting on the conference?

freudian slip- or did Bird hack ya?


Bridget said...

I want to second your comment , Mark. Louise and the Committee (remember Lloyd Pietersen is looking after the money these days) and the local team were all excellent. And, on an autobiographical note, I enjoyed some free time! It was, as everyone seems to agree, a very good conference, despite truly appalling weather.