Wednesday, March 10, 2010

NT Pod 27: The Messianic Secret in Mark's Gospel

At the weekend I uploaded the first of three back-to-back episodes of the NT Pod on Mark's Gospel.  The topic is the Messianic Secret in Mark.  I am continuing to run the NT Pod alongside the Introduction to the New Testament course I am teaching at Duke University at the moment.  After having looked at the Synoptic Problem and redaction criticism, we move on to in-depth studies of the Gospels themselves.

Looking at the secrecy theme in Mark is an excellent way to begin one's study of Mark.  It is such a striking redactional theme in Mark.  It is a repeated feature in Mark, it comes in a range of material, including in the narrator's voice, and it occurs at key moments.  In this eleven-or-so-minutes podcast, I introduce these elements of secrecy and then ask how they can be explained, focusing, of course on W. Wrede's Messianic Secret in Mark's Gospel.

At the time of writing this blog post, I am about to upload the next podcast in this series, NT Pod 28, on the disciples in Mark.  As always, you can find the details over on the NT Pod website, or you can look for me on Duke's iTunes U.

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