Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Biblioblogging Carnival at Unsettled Christianity

Occasionally, I drop off the face of the earth and become so immersed in research that the blogging doesn't so much go onto the back burner as into the back bedroom. It's at times like that the biblioblogging carnivals are so useful. And for May, Joel Watts put together a superb piece over on his number 1 blog:

Biblioblogging Carnival - Unsettled Edition

Talking of number 1 blogs, it seems that these days there is a kind of voting system for blogs too -- May 2011 Top Ten Biblioblogs. Unsurprisingly, the winner there is James McGrath.  But coming in at a very impressive number 7 is April DeConick. It's impressive because it's on the basis of a mere four posts in May, compared to Jim West, at number 10, who posted a record-breaking four million, eight hundred and fifty thousand, three hundred and twenty two posts in May.

Update (Thursday, 9.51): Chuck Grantham comments, over on A 'Goula Blogger.


Anonymous said...

Mark, you've got to read better blogs. Things like "A Goula Blogger" will rot your brain. Rather like those Crunchy Nut Flakes.

Your reading and eating need more fiber.

Mark Goodacre said...

I'm getting plenty of fibre, thanks. :)

Geoff Hudson said...

The quantity and popularity of blogs is inversely proportional to their quality.