Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mr Potatoheads and Marcan Priority

I came across this bizarre but enjoyable attempt to explain the theory of Marcan Priority while looking at Tony Burke's excellent syllabus for a class at York University (Canada) on The Synoptic Gospels:

The explanation is derived from Bart Ehrman's New Testament: A Historical Introduction. That is not one of the best starting points for understanding the Synoptic Problem, but there is something delightful about the fact that it has inspired this kind of demonstration.

What else would we like to see Mr Potatohead(s) explaining? Pistis Christou?


Whit+ said...

Really funny! Sorry to have been quiet for so long!

Michael Kelberer said...

A stitch

Rich Griese said...

I had a Mr Potato head. Not the new fanggled ones where the potato opens up and you put the pieces in it. They tried to make the Potato both the toy, and the box. How sick. I am talking about the REAL Mr Potato head.

Anyone remember colorforms? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colorforms

Cheers! RichGriese.NET

BallBounces said...
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Alfredo Garcia said...

This was excellent! A bit basic, but it really helps to keep things straight.

A possible future route for final projects in religion courses? Make new claymation or animated video on basic concepts.