Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Another fan site for The Passion of the Christ

I've often mentioned The Passion fan web site here; for a while I thought it was a clever means of providing official information about the film without being official, if you see what I mean. There's little doubt that at least for some time it had some exclusive access to official materials. But anyway, now that the official site has been launched, and the fan site has moved over to being ad-sponsored, I've come across another fine site that is in many ways superior to the one that always gets mentioned:

The Passion of the Christ

I'm afraid there's no more distinctive way to refer to this one than that. Its author calls himself "Godfather" -- very helpful! But it's a useful enough site with lots of information and links, if a rather annoying white-writing-on-black cramped content frame. It features the original four-minute trailer introduced by Mel Gibson as well as the one-minute fifty second trailer that now seems to be getting replaced with the newer, shorter trailer everywhere else. Anyway, I've added this web site to my page on the NT Gateway on The Passion of the Christ.

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