Thursday, December 04, 2003

Latest Biblica on-line

Biblica 84/4 (2003) is now available here:

Biblica 84 (2003) (scroll down for Fasc. 4)

It includes the following NT articles:

Christoph G. Müller, "Der Zeuge und das Licht. Joh 1,1–4,3 und das Darstellungsprinzip der su/gkrisij, pp. 479-509

Stefano Romanello, "Rom 7,7-25 and the Impotence of the Law. A Fresh Look at a Much-Debated Topic Using Literary-Rhetorical Analysis", pp. 510-30

Sigurd Grindheim, "What the OT Prophets Did Not Know: The Mystery of the Church in Eph 3,2-13" , pp. 531-553

John J. Kilgallen, "Martha and Mary: Why at Luke 10,38-42?", pp. 554-561

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