Friday, December 05, 2003

The Passion of the Christ official website

The official web site for The Passion of the Christ has been launched. It has a new, shorter teaser trailer (though you can still see the longer one at the Passion fan site) and some information about the film -- cast and crew, pictures etc. It's a new site and so parts of it have "coming soon":

The Passion of the Christ

You can register for the latest news. You'll probably need to turn up the brightness on your monitor. There's a rather dubious comment under "Background Info" to this effect,
All the characters in the film are heard speaking the languages they would actually have spoken at the time. This means Aramaic for the Jewish characters, including Christ and his disciples, and "street Latin" for the Romans. Greek, which was commonly spoken among the intellectuals of the period was not quite as relevant to the story.
The latter comment is a fudge if I've ever seen one; it looks like the problem is that the film was shot with Latin dialogue and that only subsequently was it realised that they should have used Greek.

Update: I've added a link to this new official site to my page on The Passion of the Christ

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