Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Theology Portal

There is a fine new resource from Denmark called the Theology Portal. It describes itself in this way:
The Theology Portal gives access to resources on the net. 2 different tecniques are used to perform automated selection of resources.

In Portal 1 a direct search in Google is performed. The search is delimited by the portal, so that the actual search is a "search within result" in a existing search set.

In portal 2 a search is performed in a delimited number of resources on the net, selected by experts.

The Theology Portal covers the subject Christian Theology, defined as the academic discipline carried out at universities in Europe.
I've run a few searches on it myself and it seems pretty impressive -- try both the Quick Search and the Advanced Search for different results:

Theology Portal

I am going to write to the owner to see if they will grant permission for me to add this search to the All-in-One Biblical Resources Search.

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