Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Craig Evans's new website

Over on Café Apocalypsis, Alan Bandy notices Craig Evans's new website. Like an increasing number of scholars, Evans has invested in his own dot.com, craigaevans.com (Don't forget the "a"; it looks like craigevans.com was already taken by a photographer of the same name). Here's the site, which is maintained by a certain David Pensgard:

Professor Craig A. Evans -- New Testament Scholar

Prof. Evans has been in the news recently because of the Gospel of Judas, which the new website mentions, but a good number of other Evans projects are well represented on the site, including speaking engagements, courses and CV. But of most interest is Evans's contribution to the ongoing, steady revolution in individual scholars making available several publications for free to all on the web, something that I strongly approve of, as regular readers will know:


Seven articles are featured, mostly hot off the press, and are in PDF format. Included is this on Judas:

What should we think of Judas?

There's a Links section too, though I am sorry to report that it has no link to the New Testament Gateway.

Update (12.26): I have added a link to the Scholars: E page on the New Testament Gateway and have refreshed that page. The link I had there to Evans's faculty page at Acadia Divinity College appeared to have died, a shame because there were some great powerpoint teaching materials. I have also deleted the link to Michael Ernst's homepage at the Universität Salzburg because it has died.


Anonymous said...

unfortunately Acadia Divinity College went through some downgrading in the technological area and they are in the process of rebuilding a new website. Craig and I will be taking over the maintenance of his site soon and I will put his powerpoints on there as well.

Danny Zacharias

Jim said...

He must be quite the Philistine if he doesn't link to your page Mark.