Friday, April 21, 2006

A link a day

As many have realized, I have had far less time in the last six months to attend to the New Testament Gateway than I have had in the past. This is entirely to do with the pressures on time connected with a move to a new job, new home, new country. But the time is coming, and now is, to begin restoring the New Testament Gateway and to knock it back into shape. As part of this project, I am planning to add a link a day to keep the rot away. I am committing myself to adding at least one new link each day, and correcting one other link (either by adding the new URL or by deleting). Today the page is Historical Jesus: Books, Articles, Reviews:

DOWN: Dale Allison's "The Secularizing of the Historical Jesus". This fine article was on Allison's homepage for some years, and I have often referred students to it and spoken highly of it. Unfortunately, it disappeared from Allison's page round about the time that Resurrecting Jesus came out, in which the article is reprinted.

UP: Craig A. Evans, “Assessing Progress in the Third Quest of the Historical Jesus”, Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus 4 (2006): 35-54


Fatzers said...

Mark, Dale Allison's article is available online here:

Greetings from the Old Continent :)


Mark Goodacre said...

Thanks, Darko. What concerns me about that reproduction is that it doesn't give any sign of having permission to reproduce it, so I'm loathe to add a link.