Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Recent Jesus Sightings

Some recent Jesus sightings include Henry Ian Cusick of The Gospel of John in two episodes of the fifth season of 24 in which he plays the German spy Theo Stoller. This follows his recent appearance on Lost, earlier in the second season. Christopher Plummer, narrator on Gospel of John, appears in the enjoyable Spike Lee directed heist Inside Man. (Plummer also played Herod Antipas in Jesus of Nazareth). Also in Inside Man is Willem Dafoe, Jesus in Last Temptation of Christ, who plays Captain John Darius.


Matt Page said...

I caught Christopher Plummer in Syriana the other week. He is everywhere at the moment!


crystal said...

An old example, I know, but a place to see two of Jesus for the price of one is the movie Angel Eyes ... James Caviezel and Jeremy Sisto :-)