Thursday, January 08, 2009

John Fenton -- Telegraph Obituary

Today, the Telegraph has its obituary of John Fenton. It includes a fine portrait from St Chad's, Durham, though he looks somewhat more stern there than he did in reality:

Canon John Fenton
Provocative and controversial Biblical scholar who influenced several generations of postwar clergy.

It is an entertaining read, and its difference from The Times obituary is a measure of Fenton's legacy. I particularly enjoyed this tidbit:
Fenton was a fan of Oxford United, though police were deeply suspicious of his cassock and dog collar. When he arrived at Middlesbrough one Boxing Day a steward immediately called out "Bloke in the dog-collar: get 'im" and had him searched while his scruffily dressed son and a friend were waved through. Afterwards Fenton doffed his hat and proceeded to the terraces.

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