Sunday, January 11, 2009

Chilton on the Jesus Seminar vs. the Jesus Project

Bruce Chilton offers reflection on the Jesus Seminar and the Jesus Project in an article over on Bible and Interpretation:

Plus ça change… “The Jesus Seminar” and “The Jesus Project”
Jesus’ cultural setting had clearly been misjudged in much of Seminar’s deliberations during the ’eighties, and today its findings are widely recognized as being idiosyncratic.
By Bruce Chilton

Chilton speaks from a position of authority as one of the few people to be involved with both.

Thanks to Mark Elliott for drawing it to my attention.

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Anathema said...

As someone who participated at the last meeting of the Jesus Project in Buffalo, I would have to concur with many of Bruce Chilton's remarks. However, there were some valuable contributions - such as his own - and a genuine openness to rethink the way the Project wishes to pursue its aims. So, in short, I would give it time. I am sure that his criticisms will be taken on board.

The issue of the presence of non-scholars is an important one, and a shame if it impedes serious debate but I do also think that NT scholarship does need to be publicly accountable and able to communicate with those outside the field (and also to learn from them). NT scholars need to be willing and able to address absolutely any question about the historical Jesus that might be posed (in this I think those from previous generations, such as Schweitzer, were rather better at recognising this).

For a very fair, warts and all review of proceedings, Richard Carrier's blog is useful.

Justin Meggitt