Monday, June 15, 2009

Biblioblogs interview with John Anderson

The latest interview over at is with John Anderson of Hesed we ‘emet. It's a full and enjoyable read, especially for Dukies. I particularly liked the line "Everyone on faculty that I talked to said if you wanted to do Bible you went to one of three places: Duke, Emory, or Princeton."


Nijay K. Gupta said...

I hope that last comment was only directed towards American programs. There IS more than one Durham, you know. :)

John Anderson said...


Thanks for posting this up. I am glad you enjoyed the read! Please do pass on my greetings to Drs. Chapman, Hays, and Portier-Young at Duke, if you could.

I don't know how well that triumvirate of schools holds up today, some 5 years later. But I certainly can't kick Duke off the list! Maybe I'll drop one of the others and replace it with Baylor. Hmmm, who should go--Emory or Princeton?

John Anderson said...

No opinion, Mark? (wink)