Sunday, June 07, 2009

New Biblioblogs Search

Ask and you shall receive! A week or so, I blogged a reminder of Deinde's Biblioblogs Search and added:
One quick thought: the Deinde search mentions "140+" blogs there indexed, but there are now almost 400 listed on the Biblioblog Top 50 site. Perhaps Danny Zacharias and TAFKANTW could get together and take the search up a few notches to incorporate all that rich variety?
Well, the author of the Biblioblogs Top 50 has been listening and has now added his New Biblioblog Google Custom Search Engine. You can grab it for yourself here:

Many thanks for creating this. I've done a few test searches and it works splendidly.


Geoff Hudson said...

I wonder who the author is. It wouldn't be N T Wrong by any chance? He must busy.

Biblioblog Top 50 said...

Thank you for the suggestion, Mark. Yes - we ran with it.

Incidentally, we considered getting in touch with DZ, but as we update the biblioblog list every week or so, it seemed easier to simply include it on the BT50 blog so that the search engine keeps getting updated for our ongoing additions.

Mark Goodacre said...

Thanks, BT50; it's a great service.